The bannetons made of wood pulp are even better suited for private individuals (home bakers). This is explained as follows:

Usage manual for wood pulp and cane bannetons

The bannetons are only to be used for the fermentation of the dough and for forming the bread loaves.
Never put them in the oven when baking the bread. It's possible that they catch fire when getting to hot.
Please dust the bannetons with flour before using them. Then put the dough-loaf in in and let it rise for the time needed.
Before using the bannetons please clean them by patting the remaining flour and dried dough out of it.
The dry bannetons should be stored separated so that no mold grows between the tucked damp baskets.


Please clean the bannetons regularly. Depending on your usage pattern between 4 to 12 weeks you should brush the bannetons with a hard brush.
If possible put the bannetons in the oven with a temperature of about 130 degrees celsius (about 260 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 45 minutes to dry them thoroughly and to kill all kinds of germ and mold.
The dried flour and dough is much easier to brush off afterwards. For cleaning the bannetons in industrial usage we offer a special brush head that can be mounted on a spindle.

Bannetons and mold growth

You can suppress the growth of mold by

  1. regularly cleaning with a hard brush, keeping the layers of dough from growing to thick.
  2. not tucking the damp bannetons together for storage, but put them separately to dry
  3. killing germ and mould, heating the bannetons to 130 deg celsius (260 deg Fahrenheit) for about 45 minutes in the oven (after 4-12 weeks of usage)
  4. If you use the bannetons in a bakery or baking company its best to install an ultraviolet lamp in your fermentation chamber. Put the bannetons on the wagon and into the (heating switched off) chamber overnight. So you can kill germ, mold and vermin (bugs).